K2 seems like a really interesting theme for WordPress. It is still in beta at the moment, but I have installed on World of Dave just to see how it works and looks. I actually really like the feel of the Contempt theme I have in place on here, so it will take something special for me to move away from it.

One thing I need to add to Contempt is an edit link on each post – having to go through the Admin panel each time I want to correct a typo is a pain in the neck.

First past the post

Here’s the first post, taking over from where davebriggs.net left off. Well, some of it.

This is where I am going to be doing all of the tech stuff I used to write about – in other words, most of what made up the previous site. All the other bits, like photos, books, music, films, footy and politics will be on another blog, World of Dave.

Here’s the RSS feed for this blog. You should be able to get it via autodiscovery in your aggregator anyway. It’s through FeedBurner now.

Anyway, enjoy the site. Hopefully it will be a bit more focussed than before.

First Past the Post

Well, this is the first post to my website.

I’ll hopefully be posting plenty of messages to the site, mainly about books but sometimes about politics and computers too. Maybe the odd excerpt from my life, now and again. hopefully people will find this interesting, but if not it will make a nice record of how things are going for my own use.

Please feel free to make comments.

The title, for those that are interested, is from Jonathon Coe’s novel. I recommend it.
I’ll be posting loads of links both in the body of posts and also in a permanent list somewhere on this screen. In the meantime why not head over to Palimpsest – a great website. But then I would say that, as I am involved in running it!