Blogger Cancels Comments

Stephen Pollard, a UK based political journalist and quite regular blogger, has sadly been forced to remove the comments facility on his blog:

I’m afraid I have had to disable all comments from now on. I do not have the time to monitor the site for the abusive, defamatory, racist and anti-Semitic remarks which some people seem to think are fine to write in the comments section. Even though the overwhelming majority are sensible, as always it is the minority who cause sufficient trouble to end up penalising everyone.

I’m sorry to have had to scrap comments. I might reconsider, but don’t hold your breath. Life is too short to spend hours scrutinising the rantings of morons.

I’m not certain what facilities he has on his blog system for moderating comments, but it seems a shame that this has had to happen. Perhaps if someone were to volunteer to do the moderation on Mr Pollard’s behalf he might reconsider?

Have attempted to trackback to his posting, but it isn’t clear whether that part of his site is disabled too…