Blogger Struggling?

From Buzz Marketing with Blogs:

Google’s Blogger Stumbles

InfoWorld’s reporting that Google’s Blogger faces performance problems.  Interestingly, Infoworld got the story how? Because Blogger blogged about it.

We have a client who uses Blogger, and has been having issues updating her site for the past several weeks, on and off, especially during peak times.

If you host your own blog, you may not have the redundancy and capacity of the bigger hosted blog solutions.  But as the recent outages at LiveJournal and Typepad show, hosted services often have problems, too.

Bottom line: you’ll have better control if you host it yourself, but there’s no guarantees in life.

I got profoundly irritatated with Blogger when I used it. I would slways recommend hosting your own site, preferably using a system hosted there, too, like WordPress.