Why I love WordPress 2.1

Visitors to my blog site, rather than just RSS readers, will have noticed a slight change on the right hand side of the site this evening – the archives and categories have just got a lot bigger! This is because I have managed to use the new import/export feature of WP 2.1 to pull together all the posts I have made since I started blogging. Yowza!

Basically, I have had 4 blogs. The first one was a terrible effort on Blogger. Then I got serious and installed WordPress and blogged at davebriggs.net. At some point I imported all my Blogger posts into that blog. Then I switched to this domain and started a new blog – but in a new set of database tables, so the old blog’s content still existed. Then, when this site went kaboom at the start of this month, I installed WordPress on a third set of tables.

All I had to do to get the blogs all in one place was to install another WordPress setup elsewhere on the server, make sure the wp-config file pointed to one of the old databases, run the upgrade script, run the export and then import it into this blog. I used the same install for the exporting, just changing the database table prefix each time.

It worked like a dream! Only…I know remember how bad some of my early blogging was. Please don’t go there!

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