Announcing LGKnowledge


I’m pretty excited about this. LGKnowledge is a new site I’ve developed to try and provide a solution to the problems that search engines produce, which I discussed in this post.

In a nutshell, that problem is that search engines – even targetted ones like LGSearch – don’t have any kind of quality control built in. It’s all done by algorithms and sheer computing grunt.

LGKnowledge aims to create a resource of web documents that have been individually selected by local government workers. That is, a link is only included if someone has previously found it useful. You can also vote on links, to ensure that the really good stuff always floats to the top.

Essentially, LGKnowledge is a bit like Digg, and to a lesser extent, You can submit a link using either the site or a bookmark, add comments and tags to it, and it’s then displayed on the front page. Others can vote on it, and it will be found using the search too.

Metacalfe’s Law applies to LGKnowledge in a big way. This means that the usefulness of something increase with the number of users it has. The more people visit this site and add links, the more there will be to attract others, who then add their own value to it. So please spread the word about LGKnowledge!