Daily note for 12 May 2023

  • My birthday passed without incident. Some lovely messages from folk, and some delightful gifts, including some impressively chunky history books, those Penguin ones with the orange spines that look so fabulous on a shelf. Also Peter Rex’s book on Hereward the Wake, which I am really looking forward to.
  • OneTeamGov for local government this morning, brilliantly facilitated by Kit Collingwood. Great chats and a lovely group to be a part of.
  • Lloyd is continuing his own daily note experiment, and mentions mine, and now I am mentioning that, and so the circle closes. I guess what we are doing is similar to the Dave Winer view of blogging. I’ve just never got my head around using an outliner to do it, so will never go full Winer, I don’t think.
  • A terrific conversation with Chris Thompson, who is charge of computers and that at Northumberland Council. First time we’ve spoken properly, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.