The All New Blogger


 Google have finally got round to releasing the brand spanking new Blogger. They’ve been justifiably criticised over the lack of movement on the product since acquisition, and have since been easily overtaken by the likes of and TypePad. Even with this release, it’s fair to say that Blogger has some way to go to truly compete.

You can also now sign into your blogger account using your Google account ID, and Google has made editing the template and posts significantly more user friendly, such as by implementing what sounds like a widget style drag and drop approach.New features include the addition of tagging, which, this being Google, is called ‘labels’ and an option to make a blog private, viewable only by people that you specificy.

This is all hardly groundbreaking stuff, and the launch blog post seems to acknowledge this, stating that the work on Blogger is “far from done”. Are Google back in the blogging game? Possibly.

One feature I’d like to see Google implement is to integrate Blogger into their Google Apps service, which desperately needs some form of dynamic web content creation, rather than the static Page Creator that’s currently in place.

Has anyone tested the ‘new’ Blogger? We’d be interested in any comments you have.

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