I got me a MicroTrack!

I’ve been after a decent audio recorder for a while, and on the recommendations of Neville Hobson, who regularly blogs about such matters, I opted for an M-Audio MicroTrack 2. And very nice it is too.

MicroTrack II

I’m still waiting to use it, because my Compact Flash card hasn’t arrived yet. I haven’t ever seen one of these before, always previously having used SD or Sony’s Memory Sticks. I’m guessing CF cards are pretty big – the slot in the MicroTrack is huuuge!

4 thoughts on “I got me a MicroTrack!”

  1. I’ve use microtracks for a while, plus Zoom H2 and some other bits and pieces. The key is not to fiddle with it when recording – because the case transmits the sound you make as your hand moves on the machine.

  2. Dave,

    Not to worry about the hole for the flashcard. It’s just about the size of a postage stamp and about as thick as a matchstick width.

    It’s used in most professional digital cameras and, once plugged into an adapter that connects to a USB port, it simply acts like a jump drive to move photo, audio or even text digital files to and from your computer hard drive.

    I’ve used them for roughly a decade and they keep growing in capacity from about 125 or 512 MB to about a max of 4 or 8 GB available right now.

    Eric the Red

  3. Thanks Eric. Now got a CompactFlash – they really are old school in size terms! The quality of recording on the Mircotrack is superb though, very very pleased with it.

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