GovCamp this Saturday

Blogging has been very light here just recently – GovCamp is basically taking over my life. Will be back on track next week, hopefully.

Here’s the text of an email I sent round to members of the network last night – it’s important reading.

Govcamp is this Saturday, 23rd January. I wanted to get in touch with you all to clarify the entrance arrangements. You must have a ticket via the Eventbrite system to gain entry to the event – Google are pretty tight on security, and if your name isn’t down on the list, you really won’t be allowed in.

You can check to see if your name is down at – if you are not listed there and you really think you should be, please get in touch with me by emailing as soon as you can.

For those that are coming, please arrive in time for us to kick things off at 10am. Oh, and bring a printout of your Eventbrite ticket, just in case.

7 thoughts on “GovCamp this Saturday”

  1. It is disappointing that UKGovCamp is subordinate to Google. A community-run or public-sector venue would be more fitting.

  2. “This is an open network that anyone can join and take part in!” No, as normal for Ning, people who can’t pass the audio-visual test are told that they are not “human” and not “a real person”. 🙁 That is sick and twisted and should be removed from any UKGov-related thing.

  3. Oh, MJ!

    UKGovCamp is not subordinate to Google! Last year we were hosted by the Ministry of Justice. This year, timescales were tight and Google agreed to host. They have space, good catering and excellent wifi.

    Ning sick and twisted? Even by your standards on this stuff that’s a tad OTT! Ning is quick, easy and virtually free (I paid to get rid of ads and to point the domain). We’ve tried other stuff that just hasn’t worked, from Mediawiki, PBworks, Google Groups…

    Nobody makes any money from this event. It’s organised in our spare time. We do the best we can with the resources available.

  4. I was in a bit of a black mood yesterday (ukgovoss was down for a second day when I wanted to write on it), but even so, suggesting that users with less than perfect AV skills are not human and not real people pretty much comes under “sick and twisted” in my book. Can you switch off the eye/hearing test and screen signups? If Ning doesn’t let you do that, then ask: you’re the paying customer, so they might pay attention to you, whereas their general contact form asks people to sign in, which brings us back to the eye/hearing test on the registration page.

    I know we won’t agree on Google, but I’m amazed you’re defending Ning’s abusive disability discrimination. Not making money out of a service doesn’t excuse calling pople not human, does it?

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