Building my own community

Apologies for the light blogging of late. I’ve just been super busy and – if I am honest – a bit lacking in inspiration.


I’m starting a new online community based around people like you: folk who read this blog, get my newsletter and take part in my webinars.

I’m guessing that we all have quite a lot in common – problems, solutions, stories, knowledge – and that it makes sense to share what we have as a group.

Also I will be creating special content to go into this community that won’t be on my blog or other online spaces – all of which will be created based on what you, the community, ask for.

Right now for example, there’s a video tutorial explaining how digital capability is being approached at the Department of Health, where I am working at the moment.

I’m not building something huge here. My aim is to have a nice, small, manageable group of people who all contribute and help each other out. I’ll leave the empire building to others 🙂

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, just head over to the community where you can sign up for an account.

I look forward to chatting with you!

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Dave Briggs

I'm an experienced senior manager in digital and ICT, looking for interim engagements to modernise technology teams to help organisations transform.