Eponym is a new hosted blog service, and a direct competitor with Blogger. It’s nice and easy to use, and it’s really quick to set up a new blog – like I did (check out that nice Slashdot-esque theme).

My one criticism would be that the Control Panel page is a little cluttered – I think they should have ditched the top header, really.

Eponym screenshot

But it seems quicker than Blogger, and is bound to be with fewer users, so for absolute beginners it’s worth a shot.


4 thoughts on “Eponym”

  1. Dave, my name is Dustin, I’m a programmer here at Eponym.com

    I just wanted to say thanks for the review: we love getting good feedback and criticism.. it only helps us get better!

  2. Nice, but confusing to neophytes. “Be sure you are in the Control Panel…” But, I set up a Blog, which was easy, and have spent an hour trying to find its Control Panel. This is probably something so obvious to old hands that they can’t imagine there’s a problem for newbys. But…please give me a hint.

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