Amazon MP3 is go in the UK

Amazon have been selling downloadable MP3s in the States for a while now, and finally you can get them in the UK.

Amazon MP3

For those currently getting their legal digital music from the likes of iTunes, you should find the prices at Amazon much more to your taste!

Amazon also claim their downloads are DRM free, meaning you can use them on whatever software or playing device you like, and you can burn CDs to your heart’s content.


2 thoughts on “Amazon MP3 is go in the UK”

  1. Hooray says I.

    I never buy from itunes, purely because the DRM gets right on my wick (WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?)

    And if Amazon sells any given thing I am looking for, I buy it from them: purely because of 1-click ordering.

  2. Niiice. I’ve never really bought full albums digitally as I still like to have a physical backup (I’m old skool like that) in case of a HDD related crisis, however some of those £3 are mighty tempting.

    I’ll be interested to see if they sell some of the more obscure stuff that you can get off iTunes such as singles B-Sides and exclusive session recordings. Those are the only things I really use iTunes for…

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