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You can also see all the videos I think are worth watching at my video scrapbook.

Amazon MP3 is go in the UK

Amazon have been selling downloadable MP3s in the States for a while now, and finally you can get them in the UK.

Amazon MP3

For those currently getting their legal digital music from the likes of iTunes, you should find the prices at Amazon much more to your taste!

Amazon also claim their downloads are DRM free, meaning you can use them on whatever software or playing device you like, and you can burn CDs to your heart’s content.


Planning workshops

I’m doing some work at the minute putting together the agenda for Tuesday’s socia media shindig in Coventry for members of the IDeA Social Media and Online Collaboration Community of Practice (…and breathe). It can be tricky keeping an eye on what it is that you want to achieve at these events, so I have put together a little template that helps me plan what we are going to do, why we’re doing it, how we are going do it, and what we all hope to get out of it.

Feel free to download and use/hack the template as you see fit via the link below:

RTF Workshop Planner Template

Here’s a quick run through of what I mean for each column in the template:

  • Time – pretty obviously, the time each slot on the agenda starts
  • Agenda Item – the name of each session
  • Objective – what it is that the session is trying to achieve
  • Task – what are we asking people to do exactly?
  • Format – talk, listen, discuss etc
  • Preparation – what needs to be done by whom to ensure the slot will work well
  • Output – what are we all going to get out of this?

It’s not rocket science, but it’s amazing how helpful it is just to have stuff written down!