Bookmarks for June 7th through June 17th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. What Does Government Transformation Mean, Exactly? – "Rather than fantasizing about the myth of transformation, governments have to accept that future is no longer predictable and focus on what changes are necessary to make them more flexible and nimble to adapt to uncertainty." open data … Keep reading

Amazon MP3 is go in the UK

Amazon have been selling downloadable MP3s in the States for a while now, and finally you can get them in the UK. For those currently getting their legal digital music from the likes of iTunes, you should find the prices at Amazon much more to your taste! Amazon also claim their downloads are DRM free, … Keep reading

Planning workshops

I’m doing some work at the minute putting together the agenda for Tuesday’s socia media shindig in Coventry for members of the IDeA Social Media and Online Collaboration Community of Practice (…and breathe). It can be tricky keeping an eye on what it is that you want to achieve at these events, so I have … Keep reading