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ITunes aggravation

ITunesI’m not having a lot of luck, technology-wise, at the moment. After all my problems with FireFox, it’s now ITunes’ turn to start playing up. I thought it had been behaving itself for a while…

Anyway, last night I bought a songthrough the ITunes store, only my broadband connection dropped for some reason halfway through downloading. I made the mistake of quitting ITunes and turning the PC off in strop. Now, whenever I go into it, a dialogue box asks me for my Apple ID and password, presumably to allow me to finish downloading the song.

ITunes dialogue

Trouble is, the damn thing won’t let me type my password in, nor do anything else at all. It just sits there.

What am I meant to do? 😦

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Be More Productive with Web 2.0

Here’s a little presentation I have cobbled together to try and show what’s possible with a web browser these days. It certainly isn’t intended to be comprehensive, rather to give folk an idea of where they can go to start experimenting. Feel free to use it, edit it, do whatever you like with it.

Firefox 3 Beta


Have downloaded and am using the FireFox 3 beta, partly out of interest but also because of the many problems I have been  having with version 2 since I switched to Vista.

I’ve found myself having to reinstall FF on an almost daily basis, as it just won’t load otherwise. A real pain in the neck. Anyway, the new beta has already been slammed in TechCrunch, and I’m already annoyed because none of my extensions work with it – something I probably should have predicted. The big problem I currently have with it is the fact that I can’t download anything – it just doesn’t happen. I’m having to flick to IE everytime I need to download a file.

Google Maps API

Google Maps

I have had a really great idea for a little site that I think will be of use to quite a few people in the UK. Trouble is, it relies on using the Google Maps API, and I haven’t a clue how that works, despite my recent best efforts trawling through the documentation.

The basic idea is pretty simple: a homepage with a zoomable map of the UK on it , with markers on the map which when clicked display information about that location. I’d like eventually to be able to show people directions from their address to one or more of the markers too, but that can come later.

I’m guessing that, given there is plenty of information to be handled, a MySQL/PHP/Google Maps integration job might be on the cards. Again, beyond me at the moment, but I just need someone to point me in the right direction.

Can anyone help?