Daily note for 7 September 2023

Chunky update as I haven’t published for a couple of days. Was in the office in Lambeth yesterday. Whoever designed the file sharing permissions in Microsoft 365 should probably go and find some other purpose in life. Postmarks looks interesting. Like a single-user but federated del.icio.us style bookmarking site. Steph and I migrated LocalGov.blog away … Keep reading

5 simple rules for organisational leaders to keep in mind about technology

Commenting on James Herbert’s sensible post about approaching AI in local government, I came up with 5 statements of the bleedin’ obvious that all senior people ought to have in their minds whenever technology is being discussed. If something sounds like a silver bullet, it probably isn’t one You can’t build new things on shaky, … Keep reading

Interesting links 18 March 2022

Things I’ve seen that are worth sharing. The Policymaking / DDAT Divide – Jerry Fishenden Despite politicians’ grand ambitions for DDaT since at least 1996, it’s had relatively little impact on radical government renewal and reform. Yet the political ambition has remained fairly constant during these 26 years: to ensure users are the focus, not … Keep reading