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I’ve been making a few changes around here!

This blog has existed in one form or another for a very long time – since September 2004 in fact. It’s a bit of a hotch-potch of content, because as well as the posts I have been making regularly on here in the form of a personal blog, I also have imported into it the archives of various others sites I have maintained in the past, whether for work or other projects.

Over this time it has had many guises, names and URLs, but has been settled at and on for a fair few years.

However, I have this week migrated the whole archive of my blog to a self hosted WordPress instance. This is because I want to merge the content from the SensibleTech website into this one, and some of the content requires some customisation that isn’t possible on without shelling out more cash than I would like to.

It shouldn’t look too different at the moment, as I have stuck with the same theme and only tweaked the odd display setting.

So far I have imported the standard posts and the table containing the list of local government blogs. All this content is stored in the category ‘sensibletech‘ so if needed, it can be found in one place.

The next job is to import the link library, which is made up of a customer post type, custom taxonomies and some custom theme code to make it work. That will probably be a long job, so don’t hold your breath!

WordPress 4.0 is out

Oh, goody. A new version of WordPress is out!

WordPress 4.0 is here, and it’s packed with new features:

  • New media manager
  • Embedded media now visual within the editor
  • The editor now works more smoothly, expanding as necessary to fit your content and keeping the formatting tools visible at all times
  • The plugin directory is a lot prettier and makes it easier to find the plugin you want

Here’s a video explaining it all.

[wpvideo bUdzKMro w=400 h=224]

Blogging about WordPress for DXW

I’m pleased to be working with my friends from DXW, writing for their blog on the topic of WordPress, with a particularly slant on using it in the public sector.

I’ll be covering stuff from the basics right the way up to more sophisticated uses, advising on plugins, security, hosting, some of WordPress’ lesser known features and more.

If you’ve any topics you would like to see covered, let me know!

A few changes in these parts

Since work is now WorkSmart and I am retiring Kind of Digital as a professional thing, I thought it was time to sort out my blog.

After all, was once and before that many incarnations over the years – going back to September 2004. Nearly ten years!

Anyway, the result of this is that business blogging will take place over at WorkSmart and this blog will transition to being about me me me. Well, it will probably end up still covering government and digital like it always did – because basically that’s all I think about these days.

I’ve also rehosted the whole blog at – mostly just to reduce the numbers of things  I have to think about. I’ll be playing around with themes and layouts for a bit I think, til I find something I’m remotely happy with.

Enough navel-gazing… carry on!

Link roundup

I find this stuff so you don’t have to:

Five for Friday – 14 March 2014

linksFive for Friday is WorkSmart’s weekly roundup of interesting stuff from the week’s reading.

  1. About change, defaults and disruption – “large organisations are racing against start-ups to stay relevant”. Great stuff from Anne McCrossan
  2. Creating a minimum viable product using WordPress – Chris Lema on using WordPress to throw together prototype services
  3. 5 More Unexpected Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder – useful ideas. Thanks to Dan Slee for the link.
  4. Is it time to quit your job and launch that new start up? – nice video from Bethnal Green Ventures via the Nominet Trust
  5. Forrester argues piecemeal digital transformation won’t work – interesting research. Lovely quote: “Dabbling with digital isn’t the route to success”.
Did you know that WorkSmart has a Pinterest board where loads of cool stuff is shared?

Link roundup

I find this stuff so you don’t have to: