The soul of a new iPhone

So I got my new iPhone 6 on Friday – don’t judge me, I was due an upgrade anyway – and have been using it all weekend. Here are some early thoughts. 1. The size – it’s a bit too big. I didn’t go for the ludicrously sized plus model, but even so. This thing […]

Link roundup

I find this stuff so you don’t have to: An Open Letter to Software Suppliers – 13 Ways to Help the Public Sector to the Cloud – @copley_rich Why the obsession with “coding” misses the point – from @jjn1 “Whatsapp and $19bn” – great writeup Love this: “How To Create A Self-Paced Email Course” Why […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Building an Open Source Laptop | MAKE Moving to GOV.UK – the MHRA experience so far How many people does it take to tame the Digital Dragon? (digital skills for all!) PauPress | Contact Relationship Management for WordPress. comms2point0 – a primer about successful online communities Flickr: […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: ongoing by Tim Bray · Software in 2014 Joho the Blog » What blogging was – *sniff* Is Local GDS a good idea? « @demsoc Let’s Replace Council Websites with Local.Gov.Uk – a GDS for Local Government – @copley_rich Joined Up Philanthropy data standards: seeking simplicity, […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Social media record keeping for government – is it necessary? | Digital democracy, news, thinking, tips & tricks Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It 10 Visual Steps To Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon – ReadWrite How To Self-Publish A Bestseller: Publishing 3.0 The […]

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I find this stuff so you don’t have to: Lockdown – (thoughts on RSS etc) Doug Engelbart, visionary David Wilcox » Realising the knowledge assets of research for the rest of us – how about a set of recipe cards? LEGO Cultures of Creativity report launched today – David Gauntlett Mozilla and Partners Prepare […]

Dumb Store

Apparently, not everyone has a smartphone! News to me. Anyway, the Dumb Store is potentially very exciting, I think. Apps for ‘dumb’ phones – ie those that have limited ability to access the internet and the web. They can be interacted with by sending SMS messages or making voice calls. The SMS option is most […]

What might mobile democracy look like?

I’ve often said that the problem with participation in local democracy is that it just isn’t convenient enough. Meetings? Pah! I’m too busy trying to earn a living, quite frankly.

So mobile offers a really interesting opportunity. After all, the smartphones that sit in the pockets of an ever-growing number of people have a level of ubiquity that could make it work. You could also bring in some other recent developments (don’t say buzzwords) like gamification to further boost engagement levels.