Logos – here and London 2012

I’ve created a new logo for LGNewMedia as part of the redesign of the site, so it’s a little more along the lines of that used for LGSpace.


I use the ‘Crystal Clear’ graphics set as a source, which can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons for free under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

I certainly hope it goes down better than the logo for the London 2012 Olympics, which was launched today. I think it’s pretty awful:

London 2012

But I suppose it at least comes in several colours.

Via Neville Hobson.

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LGNewMedia 2.0

I’ve been redesigning the layout for this blog, using a cool new theme by Andreas Viklund.

I like the fact that the whole width of the screen is used, and having two sidebars means that I can pack in some more useful widgets. Still no ads, though, yet!

I’ll be writing about some of the new stuff I’ve put on the site in subsequent posts, rather than cramming loads into this one. In the meantime, please do visit the blog and let me know in the comments what you think about it!


A flare-up of my blood sugar levels meant I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital last week, leaving me with stacks of RSS feeds to get through today, when I could face them.

Still, there’s been some good stuff going on, which I’ll be posting about later.