Blogging Tip #7 – Looking good

Presentation is the key to tip #7. This applies to both the appearance of your blog site as well as the standard of your writing. Picking up the latter point first, I think a good standard of writing is vital. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, just competent. I’m basically talking spelling and grammar here. … Keep reading

Blogging Tip #6 – Keep notes

Number 6 out of the 10 tips on blogging is on keeping notes. Writing blog posts that are interesting and well-informed isn’t easy. Sitting down in front of your blog editor waiting for an idea to come is pretty hard. Ideas for posts, though, can hit you at any time. So you need to be … Keep reading

Blogging Tip #5 – Link, link and comment

Linking makes your blog grow in popularity. There are three reasons for this. One, it makes your blog posts more useful if they provide links to what you are talking about, rather than making people hunt stuff out themselves. Second, the people you are linking to will realise you are talking about them and come … Keep reading

Blogging Tips 3 & 4 – Feeds and Niches

Two quite quick items here, so I will cover them together. Feeding frenzy I discussed earlier the importance of the feeds which other blogs produce – so you must make one available for your blog. If you want to be read, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to do so. … Keep reading

Blogging Tip #2 – Use tools you like and trust

Second on my list of tips was to make sure you are using the systems that suit how you work. What sort of things am I talking about? How do you blog? A blog is of course just a website, and you could write your blog by updating some HTML pages by hand. Some people … Keep reading