My Top Ten Websites and services

…right now. This is a seriously temporary list! 1. Gmail – never have I stuck with an email system or even address for so long. Quick, easy to use, almost perfect. 2. Newsgator – you could possibly substitute this with Bloglines, as I seem to switch between the two, but this is my current favourite, … Keep reading

Living without the Desktop

Here is an article I have written and submitted to the now active-again Living Without Microsoft website, run by John Naughton and Quentin Stafford-Fraser. You would have thought that working without desktop applications would be pretty tricky. But there are now a growing number of online tools which can help you get things done online … Keep reading

Things I Use

Thought it might be of some interest to share details of what software and services I use on a regular basis on my PC. Then again, it might well be incredibly boring. Here goes anyway. I use FireFox most of the time. Tabbed browsing and the speed are the two plus points. I have three … Keep reading