Zoho and Omnidrive

More catching up here. Aravind emailed me a few days ago about Zoho‘s new tie in with Omnidrive.

Readers of this blog know exactly who Zoho are (the best online office guys IN THE WORLD!) – but who Omnidrive?

Well, they are an online storage company, of course. A bit like Box.net, who I have always used up till now.

The two companies have come up with a really cool tie-in though, whereby various documents stored on Omnidrive can be loaded up easily into the appropriate Zoho editor. As the Zoho blog says:

What does this mean? Well, if you have your documents online in OmniDrive, you can view/edit these documents just by double clicking on them. The documents then are opened in Zoho Applications.

I immediately signed up for a free Omnidrive account (like Box.net, it gives you 1gb of storage for nothing) and tried it out. It works like a dream!

Zoho go all wiki


Zoho, one of the challengers to Google’s online office crown – and a damn good one at that – has unleashed its wiki service, to go along with the whole raft of other services they provide. The editing functionality comes from Zoho Writer, so is very easy to use with full wysiwyf functionality.

TechCrunch covers the story:

Two things make this product stand out. The first is that the Wiki supports embedded data from other Zoho products. For example, a spreadsheet from Zoho Sheet can be embedded directly into the Wiki. Any changes to the spreadsheet, whether they are made in the Wiki or in Zoho Sheet, will be synced. The Wiki product also has a single sign in with other Zoho products.

Second, the entire Zoho suite of products is on the same overall architecture, making syncronization and new feature releases much easier between applications. Contrast that to Google’s suite, including two acquired products (Writely and JotSpot) and one mostly home-grown one (Spreadsheets). It will never be as homogenous as what Zoho has created.

I agree that Zoho is a great looking suite of applications and is probably the closest thing there is right now to a workable, integrated online office platform.

But is there room for a small fish in this pool full of giant sharks? It’s a shame to say so, but maybe Zoho’s eventual best hope of success will be to be bought up by a competitor to Google.

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