Eponym is a new hosted blog service, and a direct competitor with Blogger. It’s nice and easy to use, and it’s really quick to set up a new blog – like I did (check out that nice Slashdot-esque theme).

My one criticism would be that the Control Panel page is a little cluttered – I think they should have ditched the top header, really.

Eponym screenshot

But it seems quicker than Blogger, and is bound to be with fewer users, so for absolute beginners it’s worth a shot.


Government sites fail web tests

According to the BBC:

More than half of government and council websites contain errors and cause problems for disabled people, research shows.

Some 60% of UK government websites contain HTML errors, according to a study by the University of Southampton.

A similar proportion do not comply with guidelines created to improve web access, it found.

In response, a government spokesman said the UK had been actively promoting better accessibility of sites.

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Miliband blog costs £6k

Apparently the blog run by David Miliband, the UK government’s “Minister of Communities and Local Government”, costs the taxpayer £6,000 – whether that was a one off payment or an ongoing annual fee it doesn’t say.

Clearly the government’s ability to wildly overspend on IT even stretches to the world of blogging – which is surely the easiest techy thing to do for free?

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