Congratulations to Sarah Hammond!

shammondWell done to Sarah Hammond, the WorkSmart member who has won our draw. Her prize, if you remember, is a copy of Scott Berkun‘s The Myths of Innovation.

Sarah works at the British Library and you can find her on Twitter as @schammond.

I will be doing my best to pester her for a review of the book once she has finished reading it!

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Congratulations again to Sarah!

WIN! ‘The Myth of Innovation’ by Scott Berkun

photoThe Myth of Innovation by Scott Berkun is a great read on the topic of technology and innovation. It’s little Ruth’s favourite bedtime read!

From the blurb:

This updated paperback edition of the classic bestseller, takes you on a hilarious, fast-paced ride through the history of ideas. You’ll learn to transcend the false stories that deceive many business experts, scientists, and much of pop culture, with history based lessons on how to invent, create and deliver on your own ideas. You’ll have fun while you learn:

  • Where ideas come from
  • The true history of history
  • Why most people don’t like ideas
  • How great managers make ideas thrive
  • The importance of problem finding
  • The simple plan (new for paperback)

Since its initial publication, this classic bestseller has been discussed on NPR, MSNBC, CNBC, and at Yale University, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google,, and other major media, corporations, and universities. It has changed the way thousands of leaders and creators understand the world.

Find out more about it on the book’s Amazon page.

I’ve a copy of the new paperback version of the book to give away. All you have to do is sign up to become a member of WorkSmart – which is free – and on Friday 21st March I will draw someone at random to send the book to.

Don’t worry if you have already signed up, as all members will be involved in the draw.

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Welcome to WorkSmart!

DesktopWorkSmart is a new blog about how we do our jobs.

It strikes me that there is a lot going on in terms of building fantastic user interfaces and processes for customers and end users of services – and this is great, of course.

But what about the people working behind those services, who are having to use systems which aren’t quite so delightfully designed with the user in mind?

The systems and processes we are all engaged with on a daily basis when we are at work often suck, and make our jobs a lot harder than they need to be.

On top of that, workers in organisations are often denied access to helpful productivity tools and services, which would make them more effective for their employers.

This is mostly down to culture, mindset and attitude. It’s about they way organisations are led, and managed.

WorkSmart will be covering all these issues. I’ll cover personal productivity tricks and tips, and new ways of working. We’ll provide great stories and case studies of where organisations are making life easier and better for their staff through enlightened leadership and management.

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