In praise of the clipboard manager

A clipboard manager is an insanely useful bit of productivity kit. It’s one of those things that you may not know even exists, but once you start using it, you can never go back. A quick reminder: the clipboard is the bit of memory on your computer (or phone, tablet, fridge etc) where the content … Keep reading

Outliners are cool!

Do you use an outliner? Have you even heard of them? An outline is a load of text, organised into a hierarchy. It looks like a bulleted list, with content at various levels, but proper ones do a bit more than that. You can use Microsoft Word to make an outline, but dedicated tools are … Keep reading

Tools for writing

I use a ridiculous number of apps for writing stuff down digitally. It all depends on the context! Rough notes, ideas and that sort of thing tend to be stored in Evernote. It’s easy, and ubiquitous and everything gets kept in one place. Blog posts are written in MarsEdit, an offline editor. My local drafts … Keep reading

The victory of the app store?

I just downloaded the latest update to Apple’s computer operating system, Mac OSX, which brings with it an app store, like the sort on your mobile phone, or iPad. It means that I can browse for, pay for (if necessary) and download software for my computer without having to search the web for it, then … Keep reading