The joy of plain text

These days, I write pretty much everything in plain text. This is driven by two main things: Annoyance Paranoia How I write pretty much anything of any length (blog posts, reports, proposals, longer emails) is to write them in a text editor – I’ve settled on WriteRoom – using the Markdown markup language. I then … Keep reading

How to write an ebook

Seth Godin has put a Squidoo lens together on writing ebooks. It contains some excellent advice: Write something worth reading! Put it into Word or a similar word processor. Change your page layout to wide. Even better, change your page size to eight inches wide and six inches high. Use a legible font for the … Keep reading

A Million Penguins

Penguin, the publishers, have unleashed a cool idea: a novel written on a wiki. There’s a blog just for the project, too. Great that they are using open source tools: WordPress and MediaWiki. The main Penguin blog (Typepad, boo) notes that: Over the next six weeks we want to see whether a community can really … Keep reading

Living without the Desktop

Here is an article I have written and submitted to the now active-again Living Without Microsoft website, run by John Naughton and Quentin Stafford-Fraser. You would have thought that working without desktop applications would be pretty tricky. But there are now a growing number of online tools which can help you get things done online … Keep reading