Am going to give NaNoWriMo a go this year. I’ve some time off in November, which will give me a chance to catch up if I fall behind. Last year, Palimpsest attempted a joint version, which didn’t quite go to plan. Maybe doing it on my own will actually make it easier…

Firefox oddness

Am running the recently v2 of FireFox, only this strange thing is happening at the moment, a weird beige strip between the title and the menu bar, using up screen estate and generally being annoying…



How to be Good

Yep, I am giving you all a chance to do something that will make you better people. You’d be fools/really unpleasant not to take it!

The future Mrs Dave is to take part in Race for Life this year, raising money for research into breast cancer. Being the web-savvy individual that she is, she has a web site set up to take sponsors. If you would like to make some sort of contribution to her total, please visit the sponsorship site and do the honours.



Today, I have been doing some work on a side blogging project that I have been thinking about for a while. I’d got the remit of the blog sorted, a name, decided (as usual) on WordPress and on the K2 theme. Everything sorted. So, I went to my webhosts domain registry page, and looked up the URL I wanted.

It has already gone, as had the other couple of TLDs I was interested in. I had a look at the one site that was up and running, using the address I wanted, and was shocked.

The blog was about what my blog was going to be about. It had, as mentioned before, the name I wanted. It used WordPress. It used K2 as the theme. And he had done it all today.

Just how weird is that? Back to the drawing board for me, anyway.

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