Recent Photos

Just had the chance to get some new photos up on my Flickr account.

Here’s a view of the flooding we had in Llansantffraid earlier this month:

Floods in Llansantffraid 2

This is St. Bridget’s church in the village (Llansantffraid means ‘Church of St. Bridget’), where Jnr Briggs performed spectacularly as Joseph in the crib service on Christmas Eve:

St. Bridget's, Llansantffraid

And finally, here’s a shot of the lower part of the immense Pistyll Rhaeadr:

Pistyll Rhaeadr 3


Out on a walk today, the ground all covered with leaves. Thought it would make a nice wallpaper for my PC desktop – and it does – and cropped a bit for this blog’s header.


Will leave it up for a bit before returning to my rotating header, which this will be a part of.

The Long Mynd

We returned to the Long Mynd today, for a stroll. Also, we were road testing the new rucksack we bought with some vouchers we received for the wedding. We had an excellent time and the backpack was just what we were after: i.e. it was big.


We walked along the hill to Lightspout Waterfall, which at only 4 metres high doesn’t quite seem to deserve the nickname “miniature Niagara” which Victorian visitors gave it. Still, it was a fairly gentle walk, with only a couple of drag-yourself-along-with-your-hands moments, which only add to the fun anyway. Once we reached the waterfall we stopped for refreshments, though some steps led to a further walk, which we might try sometime.


Good fun though, and as ever we left promising to come back sooner than this time was. That makes sense, right?

Favourite Photos

I recently did what I have been meaning to do for a while, and created a Flickr set of my favourite photos (that I’ve taken). It’s a bit annoying that Flickr doesn’t give the set URLs a more human look, but there we go.

I’ll start posting photos from this set on here now and again – probably when other stuff is a bit slow. Here’s the first one, a view of the gardens at Powys Castle, and beyond:

Powys Castle