Well, I was successful in my interview. So, from sometime in October, I will be a Change Manager at the Information Authority. My role is going to be a really exciting one:

Establishing, supporting and maintaining communities of providers and data users to support the development and management of information and data standards for the FE sector…

Provide online and face-to-face facilitation to enable and then manage the process of defining, assessing and agreeing changes to the information standards

It’s my first paid role in community facilitation, and probably the closest I have ever come to having a job about which I am truly passionate. Exciting times.

Of course, I’ll be leaving the local government sector, which raises a question about the future of LGNewMedia, which has always had an obvious lg focus – even down to the name and URL.

I’m going to be starting a new blog, with a focus on the further education sector. The content will still be quite similar to that here: the social media and web 2.0 news will still be popping up, for example, and much of the stuff about community building can be applied to any sector.

The new blog will be called FEconnect, which is already mostly built, though there are a few jobs still to do. The feed is so please subscribe to receive updates as soon as the blog starts for real.

So where does that leave LGNewMedia? Well, I will certainly leave it up here until the domain expires, at which point I will probably archive all the posts at my personal and historical blog. That is unless there is someone out there in local government who fancies taking it over. I would be happy to continue to pay for the hosting and the domain in the future if there is someone who’ll take the time to regularly update the blog. You would be getting a well established blog with a number of regular readers by RSS and visitors to the site.

I’ll keep maintaining LGSearch myself, and will continue to coordinate the localgovglossary so it would only really be the blog that you would be responsible for.

If you are interested, please drop me a line at Thanks!


Am going to give NaNoWriMo a go this year. I’ve some time off in November, which will give me a chance to catch up if I fall behind. Last year, Palimpsest attempted a joint version, which didn’t quite go to plan. Maybe doing it on my own will actually make it easier…


Strange times at the moment. Yesterday I went to the doctors to try and get my sore throat sorted out – I’ve had it for about a month now. When I left, I had diabetes.

Everyone has been cool so far, plenty of good advice and well wishes. Heck, it’s not like I’m even properly ill – just that I’m not going to be able t enjoy the booze like I used to (on occasion…) and that sweet tooth of mine is going to have to come under control.


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My iPod has gone wrong. For some reason, it refuses to update with new songs and podcasts. So, I need a replacement. But do I spend 300 odd quid on a new iPod, or look to another solution – because it’s not like iPods are exactly perfect…

I’m thinking of using this instead:

Yep, my mobile. Well, it’s meant to be a Walkman, isn’t it? Using the headphone jack I can still get it working in the car, and if I buy myself a 4gb memory card, I’ll be well away. Alright, it won’t be the same as my old 20gb iPod, but it’s a lot cheaper than getting a new one, and I can still play the songs already on the old one, so…


Picked up all the wedding presents today. If anyone who reads this got us one, then thanks. The trouble is, with all these lovely new plates and bowls and whatnot, we can’t bare to use them in our current kitchen, which is a little rundown. We need to move. And hopefully, having looked round a house today, we soon will. Nice one.

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We spent our honeymoon in Fuerteventura. I say honeymoon, but B came along too. We stayed at The Occidental Grand, a huge hotel in the middle of nowhere. A real turn-up and flop-out sort of place: just what we wanted. All the photos are on Flickr.

View around the hotel 2

My first all-inclusive holiday, and I quickly learned the error of my ways when it came to the buffet meals. A couple of times to start with I indulged in my usual pile-it-high method, and came away pretty disappointed. It was then I realised that, even though there is tonnes of food about, you are actually really only meant to eat one meal at a time. Once I figured that out, it was fine.

View around the hotel 1

I managed to get well covered in sunburn on the first day, and indeed my tummy was a particularly excrutiating shade of pink for most of the week.

The sea wasn’t far away, and I spent many a happy hour bobbing about, rolling around on the waves. Had a little fun allowing myself to be submerged by some of the bigger ones, but then it started hurting and wasn’t so much fun after all.


The week went far too quickly, of course, but we all had a fabulous time. Roll on the next one.