Government 2010: Martin Greenwood of SOCITM on the Web channel in local government

Despite being a pseudo-statistician startupper, I was fortunate enough to meet a few readers of this blog at LocalGovCamp. Martin Greenwood’s giving a long keynote – 30 minutes – on the role of websites in providing local services. Here’s my notes. When you phone your council out-of-hours, you’ll get a phone message. In December 2007, … Keep reading

Government 2010: Tom Steinberg, mySociety

Tom Steinberg of mySociety follows Adam Afriyie with the last keynote of the morning session. He starts with an announcement – that, with the Open Society Institute, mySociety are seeding similar organisations in Central and Eastern Europe – and a disclaimer: that his new advisory position with the Conservatives will not influence mySociety. After that, … Keep reading