CSS Layout Tutorial for beginners

A tutorial that goes step by step through the process of implementing a real-world web design into a working template using CSS for layout. read more | digg story Seems a nice little tutorial for CSS beginners.

Forum entirely made in Ajax

K4 Bulletin Board entirely made in ajax, first forum to be fully transformed with ajax requiring no refreshing. read more | digg story Looks interesting – site is suffering from being dugg at the moment.  

Google Tunes / Blogging Methods / WordPress

Analyst claims so: “We believe that Google is in the midst of creating its own iTunes competitor, which we’ve dubbed ‘Google Tunes. We think this is a logical step, now that the nascent Google Video product has been introduced.” read more | digg story Hmmm. Does anyone know of a non-evil, non-megalomaniac search engine I could use? … Keep reading