Web plans

My grip on the URL whelp.net is shortly to be ended, and rather than hang onto it I have decided to let it go. It was always my intention that whelp would act as a site for me to do my web design stuff through, but it never really happened.

As I have got plenty of other stuff going on at the moment and I could do with a new site for me personally, I think I am going to register either briggs.net (if it is free) or davebriggs.net. The best thing about the former is that I could offer email addresses to my family! The latter might be better for me long term though. We’ll see which is available, that will probably make the decision for me. I haven’t been able to check because of the IT difficulties mentioned below.

Anyway, I have loads of plans for the new site and what will go onto it. Basically I am going to cover all the bases of the stuff I am into: reading, writing, computing, web design etc. I thought about changing the hosting of this blog to the new site too, which I think I can do from within Blogger. If it doesn’t look right, though, I can always just link to it and maybe have a feed of some of the more recent stuff on my site.

Anyhow, it will be an interesting project, and one that I am going to get cracking with this evening, almost as soon as I get home!