The US Election

Ohmygod. Another 4 years of George W. Bush as the most powerful man in the world. Well, the second maybe, after Bill Gates. Anyway.

Even as a conservative (small ‘c’! small ‘c’!) kind of guy, Bush fills me with loathing. He’s the embodiment of the idiocy that seems rife in the world at the moment, at every level of society, that culture which wears ignorance on its sleeve and is proud of it. Not to mention his religious fundamentalism which puts him on a par, as far as I am concerned, as those he claims to wage war on. Surely anyone that takes anything too seriously, whether it be Xianity, Islam or whatever, is worthy only of contempt?

At the end of the day, if George Bush hadn’t decided to go to war, Britain wouldn’t have been involved either. It’s just a shame that our PM hasn’t the guts to stand up to the smirking, brain dead simian and get the hell out of Iraq.

Perhaps Kerry just wasn’t a strong enough candidate to beat Bush. Maybe next time, eh?