Good News / Bad News for Firefox

Computer Weekly reports that large companies are being warned off switching to Firefox.

The Gartner report said Firefox’s growth, so far, was “unsustainable” as many of the features that had made it popular were primarily aimed at individual users not businesses.

A simple case of FUD?

Better news, however, is that Yahoo! are offering a version of their toolbar for Firefox users, as reported by MediaPost.

The initial Firefox toolbar is specifically designed for Windows, and will not include Yahoo!’s spyware-fighting Anti-Spy tool, which was added into the Internet Explorer toolbar last year. A company spokeswoman said that Yahoo! plans to build Mac OS X and Linux versions and extend Anti-Spy to the Firefox toolbar in the near future.

Yahoo!’s search blog cautioned Thursday that the beta has some wrinkles that need smoothing. “Like any Firefox extension, it may cause your browser to misbehave in unexpected ways,” reported Duke Fan, Yahoo! toolbar product manager.