I have just invested in this:

Sideways, by Rex Pickett

Which I saw in Waterstones, strangely without a UK price on the back. It turned out it was £8.99.

My interest was first sparked by this article in the Guardian, which made it sound like a very amusing read:

One final point: Rex Pickett did not, just for the record, stagger into a winery and drink down the wine from the dump bucket, as Miles does. “No,” Pickett says. “I did not do that in a winery. I did it at a high-end tasting.” He laughs. “Everyone else was horrified. But I thought, hey, there’s a thousand dollars’ worth of wine in there, and I need another drink.”

It is also quite remarkably bound. It’s, er, floppy. I can open in on my desk and it just stays on the page I want, without breaking the spine at all. Great!