How Robert Scoble Reads 1000 blogs a day

Blogaholics: How Robert Scoble Reads 1000 blogs a day

Using his aggregator to pull his information, he can then access it on his laptop, his cell phone, or even on his television. Yes, it seems it is with him no matter where he is (except perhaps when he is sleeping. We hope). Part of his strategy is to have an offline way to read them so he is not dependent on internet access. He can read them in the car or in the plane without problem.

His feeds are organized into folders, and those folders are organized alphabetically. He usually is methodical, reading top down. If he does not finish, he will go bottom up the next day. Only one main reading period per day.

The benefit of an aggregator is that it organizes the new posts in a “text river” showing you the titles and or content top down. You can pick and choose what you want to be as you scan it. Very easy. By scanning so many topics and feeds, how do you possibly decide what is worth while? You look for trends. That is the benefits of multiple feeds at this magnitude. You can spot the trends very early (can see x number of people on the same topic in a short time period) and talk about them yourself when the idea is still new.

If Scoble scans something he wants to read, he reads it. If it’s good, he will click through to the website itself or save it to his “Blog It” folder.