Link Blog Update

Plenty of stuff going on the link blog.

I was uncertain at first whether or not to just have this stuff on this blog, and give it a new category, so if that’s what people wanted to look at they could do easily. But I know now that it would have ended up looking bitty, and pretty unsatisfactory. It doesn’t seem like having the link blog is decreasing my posting rate on here either, which is good.

One gripe though. While blogging stuff is quick and easy using Bloglines, the posting window can’t be resized. Not a problem for most users, nor me at home, but at work I am forced to use a myopia-inducing 14 inch (I think, my rule only goes up to 12, so I guessed the rest) screen. This means I have to nudge the posting window so as much of it is off the top end of the screen as possible just so that I can reach the ‘Post this’ button. Gah.