Blog Book Credits

The Red Couch blog features a post about the issue of credits. One experienced blogger seems to be annoyed that the spoils of a book deal has elluded him.

Richard Tallent, another blogger, sticks up for the Red Couch guys.

It’s hard to be sympathetic about the credit gripes. Why not write a book himself, before the Red Couch was even mooted?

update: the disgruntled blogger, John Robb, posts further:

I think Scoble misunderstands me. I am very happy for his success in landing a major book deal (and all that represents). It is also totally understandable why he got the deal. If I was in publishing and I wanted to do a book on podcasting for example, I would most certainly try to get Adam [Curry] to team with a ghost writer to put one together. Even though Dave did a huge part of the heavy lifting on podcasting and could offer amazing insight into the trend, it wouldn’t matter. Adam would be much more marketable alone (as a poster boy for podcasting) and he would get the deal if he wanted it. Fairness and Dave’s needs for a financial and public reward for his long years of effort (or the need for options in the future) wouldn’t factor into the equation.