Chapter 2 of The Red Couch

The second Chapter of the blogging book being written on a blog is here.It was actually posted 5 days ago, but have only just had the chance to have a look at it.

My first comment is that I’m not sure at all about the title – Souls of the Borg.It sounds like a ghost written Star Trek novel or something. I guess it’s a pretty appropriate title, but for the average executive, a geeky reference like this may well be off-putting.

Still,it’s full of fascinating stuff about life within Microsoft.

If there is a Microsoft blogging policy, it would be those two words: “Blog Smart.” Its author is unknown, but it seems to be the perspective of the bloggers we encountered. There is a general sensethat at least so far, management is trusting bloggers to behave as responsible employees, and employees sense that the longer they can keep an open blogging policy the more unlikely that it will ever be shut down. They argue that by blogging they have an important competitive advantage over companies that don’t allow open employee blogging. What is even more important, they argue, is that blogging lets them get closer with their customers.

It’s all good stuff, except for that damn title…