Fun with FeedDemon and BlogJet

I changed my mind on FeedDemon. It’s just too damn good. Especially now I use BlogJet, too. It’s simply a case of dialling-up (no boradband at the moment 🙁 ) and downloading all my feeds, then reading them at my lesiure and using BlogJet to comment on them. Then, at the end of the day, I just dial-in again and update this blog.

BlogJet did take me a while to get set up, but now I have I realise it is going to become indispensible. The one criticism I have is that the documentation is pretty lacking – just an online wiki and nothing locally to speak of. This isn’t so much of a problem once you are up and running, but there are a few questions I would like answering. At the moment I save my entries in a folder in My Documents, then upload them and delete them one-by-one. This process must be able to be automated, I would have thought.

Also – it would be nice to be able to include trackback links in posts.

edit: for some reaosn the timings of these posts are wrong. I thought BlogJet was supposed to publish the times that the posts were saved locally. Nadgers. Will have to look into it, at some point.