Rubel Roundup

Quite a few interesting posts by Steve Rubel on Micro Persuasion recently, which I am still catching up on.

Folksonomies Turn Chaos Into Information

eWeek: The new term “Folksonomy” has emerged to describe the potential for user-defined tags to organically develop structure out of what might appear to be chaotic collections of information. One of the uncertainties about tags is how they can fit together among various services and what meaning can be gleaned from the tags of a large mass of users.

I haven’t really had much involvement with tagging, on Flickr I rarely bother. But more and more sites seem to be emerging using this technology and maybe it’s time I gave it some consideration.

Get a Job in Blogging

Want to get paid for thinking about blogging? There are plenty of blogging related jobs available via And there’s even a feed to keep track of them. 

However unrealistic, I am going to have to do this. Having a job where I could just do this all the time? Great!