John Naughton on Photoshop

John Naughton writes excellently every week for the Observer newspaper. Here is his article from last weekend, which focussed on a Tory party candidate’s use of Photoshop on a campaign photo. He explains issues and techniques in a very clear and transparent way:

Ed Matts is the Tory candidate for Dorset South, a bucolic paradise with possibly more dairy cows than voters. Until last week, he was deservedly obscure. Now he is a global celebrity – and all because of a piece of software called Photoshop.
Photoshop, for those unfamiliar with such things, is a wonderful program for manipulating digital images. It is used by graphic artists everywhere. I doubt that there is a web designer alive who does not have a version of it on his or her computer.

Millions of digital camera users have been given a cut-down version when they bought their cameras. They can use it to touch up their photographs, eliminate the ‘red-eye’ effect caused by flash and generally tidy things up. If you have inadvertently snapped Aunt Ethel with a telegraph pole apparently growing out of her head, a few minutes with Photoshop will see you right.