In Defence of Microsoft

Thoughtful piece here by Vic Gundotra about Microsoft ( he work for them).

It’s currently in vogue to discuss the “End of Microsoft”. A stock price that has remained flat for some time, recent high-profile departures, repeated slips in schedule for major products, the success of companies like Apple and Google, the emergence of the web as a platform and other very compelling arguments are all used as evidence to point to the decline of Microsoft.

Yup. They are all causes for concern. No wait. Let me be clearer before someone thinks I’m being flip. These *are* very serious issues that we need to address and react to. I’m not blinded to the reality of the situation. I too get depressed when friends who I’ve worked with for years make decisions that indicate they believe that some other company offers them a better financial future. This didn’t happen as often in the old days.

This is Vic’s first major posting on his blog. I hope he keeps them coming.