Palimpsest Book Group

Palimpsest has a book group, discussing books read by all the members in a topic on the forum. It has worked really well in the past, but recently has fallen behind a little.

To try and perk things up a bit it was decided that instead of choosing books month-by-month, 6 books should be chosen to cover half a year’s group reading, meaning that everyone knows where they stand. After various discussions and slightly complicated voting systems, the final selection looks like this:

  • 1 September 2005: The Temptation of Saint Anthony, Gustave Flaubert
  • 1 October 2005: No One Writes to the Colonel, Gabriel García Márquez
  • 1 November 2005: The First Men in the Moon/The Sleeper Awakes, H.G. Wells
  • 1 December 2005: Dance, Dance, Dance, Haruki Murakami
  • 1 January 2006: Virtual Light, William Gibson
  • 1 February 2006: The Three-Arched Bridge, Ismail Kadare

Some pretty challenging stuff there!