My Heritage is currently in beta – it’s going to be some sort of genealogy website or something – but it does have this face recognition thing on it, where you upload a photo of your face, and it tells you which celebrity you look like. Great!

Sadly, the only photos of me I had to hand weren’t very clear, so it couldn’t give them a proper going-over. The only one I could find was a rather grubby effort from a mobile phone. Anyway, the results were shocking.

1. Sania Mirza (65% similarity to me) – a woman at #1! Bloody hell. And I have never heard of her. Turns out she is an Indian tennis player.
2. Peter Sellers (62%)
3. Kevin Mitnick (52%) – who? Some sort of internet security geek apparently.
4. John Cusack (47%)
5. Tom Hanks (45%)

More fun on this subject over on Palimpsest.