The Changes

So, what made me want to change things round? Well, there have been, or are going to be, several changes to the way I am doing things generally, IT-wise.

One thing is that I really wanted to move away from using things that I don’t really consider ethical. The obvious one there is Microsoft, so, when I get my new PC delivered (hopefully) next week, I will be immediatley over-writing the default Windows installation with Ubuntu Linux. Expect to read a lot about my trials and tribulations in getting used to things over the next couple of months.

The other one was Google. Their actions over the latst few months have become ever more disturbing – or maybe, they are just starting to act like every other propriatory IT company out there. Anyway, stuff like the China thing, the plans to archive people’s entire hard drive on their servers and the rest of it have really put me off them. I still think that some of their products are pretty good – Gmail is a great, great interface, but attached to a very creepy system, for example – but generally I felt less and less comfortable relying on them in any way.

How do these things affect my blog? They don’t, really, except that I wanted a new URL to start up a new email address on, and that this change in my attitudes could be used as an excuse for a wider change in my blogging. The split between Tech and non-Tech is a good one, for I really can’t believe that people who like looking at some of my links and stuff to current IT stories really want to see photos of the snowman I built today.

Anyway, this is a bit of a rambly start to the new blog. But this is where I am starting from, and it will be interesting to see where I end up.