Blogging Days

I seem to have made an awful lot of posts today – certainly more than most days. Maybe it is something about a lazy Easter Sunday, but I have had a bit of a burst of inspiration – though one was probably due after a glut of one links for… post after another.

But is it really a sensible thing to do, blogging one thing after another? After all, not many of my posts are exactly breaking news. Couldn’t I have held back on publishing that one on images and Qumana till tomorrow morning? Is having a flood of new posts in an RSS feed a good thing for readers, or is it just annoying? Would more attention be paid to posts if they came in one’s and two’s?

(By the way, those apostrophes are actually correct. I found this out last week. Apparently, the only time you can apostrophise plurals is when that word would never normally be in the plural. The example given was "if’s and but’s" so I think it works for "one’s and two’s". This discovery was during research to attempt to win an argument on whether abbreviations in the plural should have an apostrophe (say, CDs or CD’s). I said not, a colleague vehemently thought they should. Turns out, we were both right, in that it is acceptable to apostrophise abbreviations, but that it does look a little ugly. A moral victory for me though, eh? Anyway, I digress).

So, should I plan my blogging out a bit better? Save up posts for lean times? Or just let it all flow?


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