Living Without Microsoft

LWM is a great site, one that offers a different angle on the MS debate. Rather than being rabidly pro-Mac or Linux, it instead aims to offer sensible alternatives for those people who would rather not use MS software. Solutions like switching to Linux or a Mac are discussed, of course, but LWM acknowledges that it isn’t always feasible!

After a brief hiatus, I’m pleased to say that posts are now regularly being added again, and even more pleased to say that some of them will be contributed by me! I have had the odd post published before, but now I have joined John and Quentin and become a more regular member of the team. We are currently having a review of what the site is about and what direction it might move in in the future, which is exciting, and hopefully we will help plenty more people live without Microsoft in the future!

My recent posts: The AJAX Office and Living Without Microsoft: A Guide for Windows Users.

The site runs on WordPress and if you would like to contribute, you can leave comments in the usual way, or register and write a post yourself (these will be moderated). Alternatively, if you have ideas or suggestions for the site, drop me an email.

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