We spent our honeymoon in Fuerteventura. I say honeymoon, but B came along too. We stayed at The Occidental Grand, a huge hotel in the middle of nowhere. A real turn-up and flop-out sort of place: just what we wanted. All the photos are on Flickr.

View around the hotel 2

My first all-inclusive holiday, and I quickly learned the error of my ways when it came to the buffet meals. A couple of times to start with I indulged in my usual pile-it-high method, and came away pretty disappointed. It was then I realised that, even though there is tonnes of food about, you are actually really only meant to eat one meal at a time. Once I figured that out, it was fine.

View around the hotel 1

I managed to get well covered in sunburn on the first day, and indeed my tummy was a particularly excrutiating shade of pink for most of the week.

The sea wasn’t far away, and I spent many a happy hour bobbing about, rolling around on the waves. Had a little fun allowing myself to be submerged by some of the bigger ones, but then it started hurting and wasn’t so much fun after all.


The week went far too quickly, of course, but we all had a fabulous time. Roll on the next one.