FeedDemon and Live Writer, etc

Following Neville’s advice, I’ve downloaded the new FeedDemon beta, despite the fact that I’ve recently moved away from it in favour of Google’s Reader, and will give it a go. Sounds like it integrates well with the new Windows Live Writer – Microsoft’s entry into the offline blog editor market. I’ve tried a few editors and will give Live Writer a go too. One feature I love already is the web preview, which shows how your post will look in your template. Excellent stuff.

Talking of templates, I’ve reverted back to my old hacked version of Contempt. I just think it’s more useful, and I miss my rotating headers…

I also downloaded IE7, which has finally been released. Remarkable that it is the first full revision of the browser since 2001. Anyway, as Scoble notes, it’s too slow to replace FireFox in anyone’s estimations, especially v2 of FF, which is considerably quicker than previous versions.