Death of an iPod, Pressies

My iPod has gone wrong. For some reason, it refuses to update with new songs and podcasts. So, I need a replacement. But do I spend 300 odd quid on a new iPod, or look to another solution – because it’s not like iPods are exactly perfect…

I’m thinking of using this instead:

Yep, my mobile. Well, it’s meant to be a Walkman, isn’t it? Using the headphone jack I can still get it working in the car, and if I buy myself a 4gb memory card, I’ll be well away. Alright, it won’t be the same as my old 20gb iPod, but it’s a lot cheaper than getting a new one, and I can still play the songs already on the old one, so…


Picked up all the wedding presents today. If anyone who reads this got us one, then thanks. The trouble is, with all these lovely new plates and bowls and whatnot, we can’t bare to use them in our current kitchen, which is a little rundown. We need to move. And hopefully, having looked round a house today, we soon will. Nice one.

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